Yukon XL Questions and Build advice


In my intro, I mentioned I use my Denali XL when getting to my boat isn’t an option. Has anyone else done a build or lived out of a Yukon/Denali?

I removed and sold the 3rd row bench. I drop one back seat and have a double air mattress that fits perfectly. I’m going to change this out to a thick foam pad soon. I have a small cooler that fits between the back seats perfectly for food and drink. I do have the single hinged back gate that lifts up, not the barn doors that open to the outside.

I want to add drawers or something under the mattress for clothes and storage. I may also want to do a small 3 drawer end table or something for easy access storage.

Outside of storage, I want to cover the windows to make it more under cover (I already have very dark tint but was thinking of a close shade that won’t attract attention and give just a little more privacy). I tested my tint a few nights ago with my phone on and unless you are up and looking in the window, you can’t see any light at all.


I noticed you didn’t get a reply on this yet. l’ll be posting a screenshot of your post on our IG story.

So that you can get the help you need :grinning:


Awesome!!! Thank you!


I made curtains for our van just using thick grey cloth that we found at Walmart. And on the inside I put white floral cloth just to make it brighter on the inside. And they roll up, so you can’t tell they there there unless you’re inside the van


Sweet! Do you have pictures? How did you get them to roll? Part of the problem I get is the windows are at an angle and I want the covers to be as close as possible to the windows to make it look like it’s just dark inside.


I sewed little velcro squares on the bottom corners of the curtains (thinking now I should do so on the top as well), so the stick right up to the windows. Then, when I want to roll them up, they unstick from the window and we keep them rolled using these little velcro like straps that I can put around them. I wish I could explain them a bit better, but we found them in a roll at Home Depot in the same section as the velcro.


Oh nice! So… sticky Velcro on the top and bottom to attach it? That must be the key.


Yes! The velcro was definitely key to getting them to attach and push back into the windows.


I have a few amazing fabric stores I’m going to go JT tonight.

Did you Velcro the top too or attach a different way here?


We used paracord strung up around our van to attach them, but I think Velcro on top would probably work better. We just hit the road in it, and we’ve noticed some gaps at the top, so I think adding Velcro on the top is the next step for us.
But you could always just do the Velcro thing, and then you could just take them down whenever you want and store them somewhere.


I’m heading up to a fabric store soon. I think I’m going to Velcro all the way around.


Grab yourself a roll of reflectix from the Depot. It is a reflective barrier/insulator. This is a cheap and effective way to keep the car a little cooler in the day time and block all light from escaping at night time. Best part is that you can cover them in the fabric you are about to buy and they will look like some of the fancy insulating shades that sell for 100’s of dollars.


For facing outward? If I was camping away from people that would be great but for trying to be stealthy this would draw attention.


No, for inside. The covers would be masked by the dark tint of your windows. People would not be able to see in at all. Then if you cover them with fabric, they will be visually appealing to you while you are inside. The number one benefit is the fact that your truck will remain way more climate controlled by blocking out the heat of the day.

Trying to be stealthy you say, come on. Stealth is the name of my game, sweetie literally…


This method is useful in many ways!!
Thanks for that share :heart:


I have been wondering something about the reflectix for windows and haven’t been able to find the right answer - if you put fabric on it does it impact the rating at all? I know it says you need to have air space but does the fabric impact it at all?


I don’t think it makes too much of a difference.

But then again, ive never done it before. So @StealthCamper would be able to answer this question better then I can


Do not worry about the fabric hindering the insulating properties of the window covers.


Thanks!! I wasn’t sure haha


For window covers - we found this material called Insul-Shine. It’s a reflective material on one side, and batting on the other. We just sewed some dark blue fabric on the opposite side and hung them on hooks. This way they are reversible. When we’re sleeping in freezing temps, we have the reflective side facing in which keeps the interior warmer and when we’re in hot temps, we flip them around so the reflective side faces the windows to keep the heat and sunlight out. They aren’t flushed on our windows to allow a bit of a gap to let the heat actually radiate and bounce off. when we are not using them, we just roll them up and velcro them above the windows. Best of luck to you brother!

Windows & keeping bugs out