Sailboat Life in the Bay Area


Hey all. I’ve been living on a sailboat, anchored out and off the grid for almost 2 years. I’m currently on a 35’ Ericcson. I live life on Solar + batteries, propane, a cooler with ice for food and my internet from my phone. When the weather is bad or my dinghy gives me fits (like right now), I live out of my 06 Denali XL. I am going to refit the Denali a bit soon but for now I think I’m just going to add a dresser to clean it up.

Anyway. Thanks for having me. I’m lookin forward to being part of this.

I forgot to add that you can see my Instagram at ScottOfTheWorld

Yukon XL Questions and Build advice

Thanks for joining us @ScottOfTheWorld


How do you go with the rocking of the boat. I feel like I would struggle with that. Sounds like it would be a great experience. :ok_hand:


It’s actually amazing. I used to be a night owl who could sleep. Sleeping on the boat is like a hammock. I’ve always had good sea legs but the biggest issue was feeling like I was rocking when I was on land. It took about 3 months for that to wear off.


This is home.


That’s something we don’t get to see often.

I love it :heart_eyes:


Super awesome! I love the idea of boat life!


Do you got any pics of the interior that you can share?


I am a mermaiden at heart and looooove the water. I would love to see more pics of your boat! Loooove the lean to on deck!! :vulcan_salute::call_me_hand::grin::sunglasses: