Will I Regret Buying an All Black Van?

Hi, i love the look of the all black van but obviously its going to attract heat. If i use the right/enough insulation, do you know it it will still be too hot inside? I will have a stong AC unit. I almost always camp in shaded camp sites so that helps but at 90 degree outside temps is still super hot in the shade. Just wondering if anyone has a black van and regrets it?


Like with many things, there are both pro’s & con’s to black vans.

Warmer in the winter when parked in the sun.
No temperature gain in the summer when parked in the shade.

You still need good climate control for too hot or too cold temperatures.
Won’t provide added heat at night.

Proper climate control can keep you comfortable with or without insulation, but insulation without adequate ventilation & climate control will result in failure, and proper ventilation largely defeats insulation.

Insulation works GREAT for sound deadening, road noise, etc; but it’s usefulness in a vehicle for temperature control is frequently highly debated since ventilation is almost always required.


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Very helpful insight. Thanks!

My first van was brown and he second was burgundy. In the north it wasn’t an issue. In Fl. When the sun comes up and hits the van it was like turning on a furnace. The AC struggled and ran constantly. When purchasing our present van the number 1 requirement was that it was white. Passed up several nice ones before we found one. BIG difference. No issues with camping in the summer.
I guess it depends a lot on location.
A lot easier to keep clean, even when dirty it still looks clean.

Thanks, this is very helpful. The white ones look a lot like work vans, BUT I really do like white also! I forgot about the dirt factor and I’m quite OCD when it comes to keeping my current travel trailer and black tow vehicle clean…its clean for about the first five minutes after I wash it!

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Yeah, I’m a real clean/ maintenance freak when it comes to my vehicles. When we are on the road my Wife just rolls her eyes everytime we pull into a carwash. But that’s why they run and look like new. Good luck with your build.

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Doesn’t seem to be an issue but then again I haven’t had any other color van. I like my black van… not a fan of white vans for similar reasons.

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and black is so pretty! I tow my current travel trailer with a black Jeep and it just looks so awesome!

Thanks for the pic and a vote for black!

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If you Olán to spend any time in the Southern states you may want to reconsider buying a black van. It does attract heat and it also is difficult to keep clean and nice. I live in Texas and white is the best color here. In my opinion. It also is the least fading colors of all the vehicle colors. At least that’s what I was told by paint professionals. You may want to verify with the paint manufacturer.

Thanks for the tip. I really forgot about how hard it is to keep black clean too! Im looking at a new light blue color offered on the 2023 Ford Transit.

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