Van ladder rear door Ford transit

Hey, I am looking to buy a van ladder for the rear door of my ford transit MWB 2013, does anyone know of any companies that deliver to UK address that do bracket mounted ladders i.e. no need for drilling? I have been looking the past two days and contacted many companies and it seems most don’t do it so far.

Checkout and the ladder by prime designs. This is the ladder we have on our promaster in black and it just clips on top and bottom, but they make it for all the transits. A little pricey, but no drilling is required and it looks like they ship to the UK.

Thanks that is helpful, most companies in UK don’t do them and ones that do are pricey. Think I will have to go for drill option to bring down cost unfortunately. :grinning:

I thought about cost too as the ladder costs as much as my roof rack, but I feel like drilling a hole in the long run could cost more if it starts to rust. I will say this, whatever ladder you get, put some foam on it or put a stopper on you door so it can only open so far.

My wife pushed ours open and it swung around and put a crease in one of our panels. Not worth fixing as it’s almost impossible to see, but best to prevent it altogether. I know some of the transits have these built into the back doors, but a friends broke just from the wind and messed up his door anyway. We just used a piece of dynamic rope so it can only open as far as we want it too.

Good luck!

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Thank you that is useful advice, when it comes to preventing it damaging the panels.

Hi! I have a 1996 L2H2 transit that I am building now, I ended up asking my mechanic to custom build one as I couldnt find anything in Greece, I’m putting it in the side, behind the drivers door, a bit further back. I am screwing it in to the panels though, and now you have made me have second thoughts…keep us posted!