Update: September 14th Departure

Hey there, we’ve been going gangbusters on this build lately (I was let go from my job so the build-and-get-on-the-road attitude has taken over). Not the fit & finish I was originally hoping for but hey, plans changed. So, just trying to button everything up before September 14th when we hit the road to Dallas!!
I’m finally just now starting to face the electrical system. It’s going to be a very simple system, mainly for our refrigerator (Whynter 65) and charging our rechargeable lights, phones, laptops, etc. so I can locate the system right next to the fridge so I’m not running wires throughout the new build. I’m thinking two 100ah batteries that charge off the alternator or generator/shore power. Can always add solar while on the road too!

Not really sure what to put in the empty space behind the driver seat yet… ideas?
Also, for people with shuttles; how are you opening the rear side doors from the inside?

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Greetings !

Looking good! I usually put my house battery(s) behind the drivers seat.

For the back doors, you just need trade out the handles for double sided ones.


PS: Get an income figured out ASAP!

"It is always cheaper and easier to conserve power than it is to make it." ~ Road Warrior


Awesome, I’m doing a Shuttle Bus too! But you’re so much further ahead of me, lucky! Haha.

September departure, that’s so awesome, I’m aiming for October myself. I hope everything goes well with your launch and I think your build is awesome. Honestly I hope I can pull mine together as nicely as you did yours.

I really like your color scheme, I’m probably going to go for something similar myself. Just very “light”, I think it really helps make the space feel more open.

Side Doors - I actually don’t have those on mine, so I can’t offer much help there, sorry. I actually didn’t even get a back door technically, the guy before me that was going to convert it (but never did) actually cut out the back and made it into a door, I really wanted the side one like you have though.

Here’s a link to my post if you wanna take a look, but like I said my progress is nowhere near yours. I actually recently ended up removing everything to redo my walls.
Got my Vehicle! (1999 Ford 7.3L Shuttle Bus)

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Hey sorry, I also wanted to ask, do you happen to know how big your fuel tank is by chance?

Hey Rydel, ya I just saw your post yesterday and wanted to introduce myself since ours are very similar. I’ve been in the construction trades since I was very young so the collection of tools helps. If there’s every anything you’d like another set of eyes/brains on feel free to message me. I can come up with some pretty slick solutions.
The color scheme was picked out by my wife. She found a native southwest blanket design that was the inspiration.