Traverse City, MI area solar-savvy contact?

Hi, fellow road warriors! :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a contact in the Traverse City/Cedar, MI area who is savvy with solar panels.

I have a converted 2018 Mercedes Sprinter with (2) 100W solar panels that don’t seem to be charging my battery, and I’m not sure why (I’m very new to all of this). My solar charge controller will not denote that power from the solar panels is making its way to my battery.

I did a voltmeter reading, and I’m getting anywhere between 2.1-3 mVs, which I’ve been told is way too low.

Does anyone have a contact they would recommend in this area I could pay cash to assist me?

-Kara :cherry_blossom:


You might give these guys a try:


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Thank you SO very much!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

When you say your controller won’t denote that it is charging the batteries, does it have a visual display?

Also when you say you used a volt meter, what were you metering and what settings were you using? I’m not sure hat 2.1-3mVs is, but you should see increased voltage at the battery.