Hi there! Kara here! :cherry_blossom:

Born and raised in Texas, van living caught my attention in my early 20s, but I got swept away in the wild world of event production and quickly pushed this dream to the back burner. Though my career allowed me to travel over 60-70% of the year for nearly 11 years, I never felt “home” when I would land back in Texas.

When my lease in Austin, TX was nearing its end in late 2019, I switched gears and decided to finally make my van-living dreams come true!

I moved into my 2018 Sprinter 2500 (named Donde, Spanish for “where”) in Jan 2020, and though I’ve spent a decent chunk of time in Texas since, I oftentimes hit the road with my seven-year-old toy labradoodle named Pants for long stretches to explore National Parks and all of nature’s offerings in between! Pants, Donde and I will actually be embarking on our first WWOOFing experience during Spring/Summer 2021 in Michigan! :smiley:

As a vegan, nature-loving wanderer and wonderer with a deep enthusiasm for untapped experiences and obtainment of new knowledge/skills, I’m always seeking hands-on education in the wonderful world of nature; I also love discovering new connections with likeminded humans whom I may learn and grow from.

I’m also an avid meditator and a wannabe yogi who cut out about 98% of my alcohol consumption in September 2020, but a glass of red every here and again isn’t out of the question. :wink:

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read a snippet about me, and I wish you all the successes in your van living!

Cheers! :slight_smile: