Three Newbies, two Vans

Introduce Yourself…

Hey guys, I’m a newbie along with two others who will be traveling along and across the U.S. as well. We are Kayla, Phillip, and Sam. We made the decision (well the boys did) to start this lifestyle of adventure and life due to unforeseen circumstances. But we are taking it as a solid opportunity to learn about the world around us, as well as ourselves. I truly hope this venture will be more positive and a solid learning experience that we really are too excited to begin.
We can’t wait to learn about what others have discovered and experienced within our journey.
((Oh, and we will be traveling with our dog, Winston :slightly_smiling_face: ))


I am new to this site, and just getting caught up on reading some posts…I hope this reply finds you all doing well and having amazing adventures as you travel through the country.

I started my full time van life about a month ago…prior to that I had taken extended trips in the van but always had sticks and bricks to return to, so this is definitely something new for me.

And as far as I am concerned anyone with a dog named Winston is way cool in my world!!! :slight_smile: :smiley:


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