I am a recent full time van dweller…I purchased my van Lola about 16 months ago and knew I would eventually move into it full time but just didn’t know when.

The “when” became March 15th of 2021 and I am planning on living in the van for at least a year if not longer…but no less than a year.

To make certain that I would stick with van life, I followed the advice of a Julius Ceasar quote that essentially says “If you want to capture the island, you are going to have to burn the boats”

I figured the “island” was the van and my “stuff” would be the boats, so I gave away about 90% of my belongings…

I still work and have a bit of an unusual line of work which does afford me the ability to travel a bit and traveling from claim to claim in the van certainly makes life a whole lot easier.

One of the questions I get asked the most about living in the van is “Why??” and I had already worked on my “why” long before moving into the van, so it is easier to share my reasons with folks and surprisingly most have been encouraging…and those who look at me like I have two heads and a hunchback are quickly forgotten by me as I go along on my merry way.

I am looking forward to making new friends and having new adventures while van dwelling…