Switzerland Camping/Parking

I’m looking for advice on places to camp/park overnight in a van in Switzerland as I’ll soon be traveling around this country for a few months.
By law you can only camp in a campsite however this would soon get very expensive so I’m looking for info/advice/tips on finding places to park overnight. Thanks for any help!


Checkout this topic about using apps to find parking spots:


I slept 1 night in swiss couple of months ago during our trip to Italy.

Really calm spot, not one car passed by, and one local with a dog, that’s it :wink:
Very nice view too !

LOCATION: Google Maps


Thanks I’ll have a look at those posts

Wow that looks beautiful! What a great spot
Did you come across many places to stop overnight or was it difficult to find a place?

We didn’t really search for a place till we where as far as we wanted.

We found a place in like 60 minutes, wich is a little longer as usual, but that is for the bigger part because we didn’t had 3/4G for looking on Satellite view (roaming costs).

that said we are quite picky, we had about 3 other places, we could have slept but wheren’t as beautiful.


Thanks for the help!

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you’re welcome !, I think wild camping wouldn’t be a big problem, just do’nt park in places wich a lot of houses or big roads, take the small roads u the mountian and be in nature :smiley: