SurfVanCampVan Build Evolution


My initial ideas are in place with longboard storage and a bed. There are a couple pics on my intro page. Once I am permitted to post more than one picture at a time I will repost those as a starting point. This was the second step; new radio/nav/backup camera. The surgery was ultimately successful but the process was ugly.


Damn, that looks super confusing, glad you were able to pull it off.

Did you have some previous experience with this sort of stuff?
or were online tutorials what guided you?


I’ve installed basic radios before left/right/power/ground. With nav and back up camera this was more complicated. I bought from Crutchfield. They had adapters that helped simplify the process and they had docs on getting the old head unit out, KENWOOD had little documentation. So I had to depend on Crutchfield tech service to navigate all of the connections.


Our CD player is not working in our vehicle. Any thoughts on how we can fix it? or where we should look?


Sorry I’m not stereo wizard. Just willing to try and do things on my own


So this is the end of the beginning. First pass was a short term solution, kind of a prototype. Learned a bit so I can evolve.
Yes I can store up to 4 longboards with minimal impact to camping space.


Keep it modular. I was able to clear my belongings and empty the infrastructure in about 30 minutes


Since I am not living in my van I am a little less fussy about interior design. I think the factory walls, floor and factory ceiling (bought used for $100) is probably good enough. I may paint the floor and walls after doing some ding repair


An addition that extends at the same level as the false floor is handy. A good place to store bulky tools etc.


Love this! :heart_eyes:

Feel free to continue documenting your build, ideas, and thoughts on this. Im sure it will be a great resource for newbies getting into this lifestyle.


So it begins…As I might have mentioned, I will not be living in my van and I spend most of my time in a warm climate. That said I find the plastic wall panels and factory roof acceptable as is. The wall panels have some dings that I am fixing and I will be painting. I will also use the factory floor, it is very sturdy and gives access to the tie downs if needed. So the floor is now painted.

After watching Lee’s Van Tour on You Tube, I decided to use Kelly Moore’s Dura Poxy. I had to drive 25 miles to San Clemente to get it. Stopping in at San Onofre in transit. The fellow at AR paint was very helpful color matching the Dura Poxy, recommending an undercoat bonding product to paint the plastic panels XIM UMA (urethane modified acrylic)

and to seal the seams and patch the walls simply DAP Alex fast dry. Hopefully the seams won’t crack, but it won’t look worse than an open seam. So I engaged my inner drywaller and went to work
. Enough for the day, tomorrow we will get some painting done on the walls. I will reinstall the floors .


Are you converting this all by yourself, or are you getting help from someone?


Yes I am doing this by myself, in my driveway, no nice shop to work in. But progress while slow is sure.

Everything will be modular, so it can be removed (and redone) if needed

The walls are based on the standard plastic wall panels, caulked and painted

The false flirt to accomadte surfboards was returned and the second section of false floor was built and added

The flooring is snapin laminate over a cork foam moisture barrier The cork foam is interesting stuff that is easy to work with and could have several applications for insulation and sound proofing . The raised floor is now in place.

The new section of raised floor will be used for a portapotty cabinet and some small side cabinets if space allows. The portapotty is on a trolley for ease of access and relocation.


Hoped to work on cabinets today but my orbital sanding pad gave up the ghost. Amazon delivery tomorrow or the next. In the meantime I found the post brackets I wanted at a Home Depot about 25 miles away.

Worth the drive to make progress. It also let me cut into the beautiful red cedar posts that I got at Austin’s in Santa Ana. The smell is incredible. My wife hopes it over rides the odor of smelly wetsuits
The four poster idea will work well the Ozco post brackets screwed in to the stock sprinter floor firmly.

Tomorrow get the van level so I can determine plumb and put the redwood 2x4s in place. The lightness of the cedar and redwood offsets a little of the weight of the 3/4 in birch ply


Sally and mark. Did you get your cd working? I have a standard radio/cd that I took out if you are interested


Where did you get the porapotty?
is it good?


Yes we ended up getting it to work! Thanks so much for the offer and sharing all this information with us !!
Really helps with planning, getting ideas, and inspiration


At the local Camping World. Took advantage of the Good Sam member discount so it was pretty reasonable with no shipping costs


Completed the last dog house and a little finish trim.

Start on the cabinets tomorrow, if the surf is not good


Cabinet shop, doubles as rough carpentry shop, paint shop, auto repair shop also as a driveway