Solo van dweller

Hey guys !
I am an Australian girl living in Canada, and about to take off for 4-5 months on the road in my new van :slight_smile:
Plan is west coast Canada and then the bulk of time in the US.
Just wanted some tips on van safety for solo females and any valuable lessons you’ve picked up along the way!
Have you guys managed to link up with other van dwellers along your trips? through forums?
Katie :slight_smile:


Hey katie,

Check out these topics:

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My friend is a solo female traveler for about 3-4 years, she has never had any problems.

But the best thing is to always trust your gut.

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Hello Sally, there’s quite a few videos at cheap RV living on YouTube. They delve into all the aspects of women traveling alone. It might give you some insight as to how things are for women here.
Welcome to the continent and happy and safe travels.

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