Hello from a NY van life enthusiast


Hi all, I’m Michiko. I work as a nurse and have hopes to one day live the van life as a traveling nurse. Not quite sure how to make it a reality and definitely have reservations about traveling safely as a single woman, but I’m excited and inspired by this community. Nice to meet you all! :smile

Solo Female Vanlifer in Europe 💁🏼‍♀️
Solo van dweller

Good luck with your dreams. :blush::heart:


Hello from a full-time female vandweller also from NY! Though I do travel with my SO, let me be the first to assure you that it’s a LOT easier to travel very safely than it seems like it would be. Definitely don’t let your gender dictate your travel/life plans! Also, welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome and words of encouragement.


Hey girl hey! Fellow NYer and solo female vanlifer here. I’ve been on the road for almost 3 months now and it’s been great! It felt scary at first but i got a hang of it just by trusting my instincts and trying to never be REALLY alone in certain places. You got this! You don’t regret it…we can tag team my van once i get back to NY haha.


Hey, may I ask where you are traveling? I get a strong sense that the vanlife is a bit more feasible/accepted out west, but what’s your take so far?? Safe travels!


I disagree with that. I believe that If you can do literally anything you put your mind to!!!


Hey! sorry for the delayed response…My route was/is to travel south and over to the west, to then go up the PWC and back over to NY (a full circle around the country). My experiences so far have been great! I’ve heard once I hit the west side there will be more of a (a larger) community of vanlifers but I’d say it is “accepted” most everywhere Ive been so far. I haven’t had any run-ins, yet. But I have also, mostly, been avoiding city areas because parking a van in the city can be a bitch! I make sure to use sites like freecampsites to find spots to park to ensure Im not breaking any rules and Im staying out of peoples way. I would say, though, that Denver is one of the most accommodating cities for vanlifers.


There is a Facebook group for solo female vanlifers as well! I’m not in it because I’m with my husband, but I know plenty of solo female travelers that are in it and it sounds like an incredible additional community to be a part of! Might help joining! You can get all kinds of questions answered and have people who can firsthand reassure you how to be safe about it.

The world is driven by fear, but there really is so little to be afraid of if you educate yourself and are prepared. Best of luck to you! You got this! :muscle::muscle:


As a single woman you should select the countries where law and enforcement agencies are enough strong. Italy, UK and Canada are the best places for single female traveler. Best of luck to discover your dreams. :sunrise_over_mountains:


Hey, I’m curious what your strategy was in Denver, as I’m there now and find it to be rather unaccommodating. Most of the townships in the area have no overnight parking ordinances.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still having a great time here, just finding myself needing to be creative to find a safe and legit place to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: