Showing off our completed Van - ask me anything!


Hello VanLifers,

Just thought i’d show some completed pictures and show off our girl Novi! :slight_smile:

If anyone needs some inspiration or new ideas or some helpful advice, we converted our van by ourselves and learnt a lot on the way!

What do you think of our conversion? And what would you have done differently? Always good to get some second opinions :stuck_out_tongue:

Check our Instagram page @allroadsleadtohome for more pics and travel spots in Australia!


This looks freaking amazing!!! :heart::heart: Clean and Crisp but simple!
Where did you get the hardware for the sliding function of the cabinets/cooler?
Thank you for sharing and the inspiration!!


Very nice work! You have a lot to be proud of!
I just completed the construction phase on mine as well.
Video link;



That slide out kitchen is my favourite part :heart_eyes:


That’s awesome man! Thanks for sharing


Thank you very much!! Yes we like the simplicity, much easier to keep clean too :stuck_out_tongue:
For the kitchen drawer I used these Slides but if you’re not located in Australia I have seen them on eBay as well! A little expensive but well worth it! We used them on the back drawers as well, much easier to access under the bed


Oh yeah, it’s always a big talking point! Thanks henry!


Thanks! Now I’m thinking I should do a video too to show off even more of the hidden features :wink:


There’s more??

In that case you definately should


Love what you have done here ! Can you tell us about your vehicle…size. Height, width?


It’s a Toyota Hiace in Australia! On the inside it’s (roughly) 3m long, 1.4m wide and 1.3m high :slight_smile: just enough room for 2!


ThanksHarry. The dimensions seem very similar to the van we are considering, Ram ProMaster LT.Your layout looks very unique. How do you like the front cab closed off? Was this a design that you came up with or have you seen others like this?We are newbies to this so we are starting to research ideas.


Our first van had the front section open, so this time around we opted to have the front section blocked off! We found it gave us more room for storage and made our awesome slide out kitchen possible! Definitely consider this option for a smaller van. But still leave a hole so you can see through, makes reversing a whole lot easier :slight_smile:


I see there are a few requests on availability of the slides. Living between New Zealand and Australia I often buy from Ali Express and this is a link to slides that may interest some :slight_smile:


Very well done mate! These photos are really inspiring, thanks for that. Did you do all by your own?


Wow, looks so awesome!
Great job!


What a clean setup! I like the idea of adding the electrical last because it’s probably the one thing you will most likely want to get to. Not having it burried into the build just makes good sense.
Very nice! I’m impressed with the whole van!
Do you ever use the bed extension as a large table in back?. Thanks for sharing your video with us it’s probably going to be a big help with some builds. Happy travels!


Yeah i did it all with the help of my girlfriend!

I’m a carpenter by trade in Australia so that definitely helps! Plus you feel more pride about your van when you make it yourself, we always joke about how i built us our first home :smile:


do you have any pics of the kitchen set up inside the van? :slight_smile:


the second photo is probably the closest picture i have to show it inside haha

cooking inside is quite rare for us! definitely easier / more room outside