Showing off our completed Van - ask me anything!


Fantastic! Crisp and clean! What are the weight capacity on those slides? Do you have an awning or cover you put up when cooking outside in the weather or do you generally just cook inside when it’s rainy?


Thank you! We have a leg to put under it too which helps a lot, The slides are rated for 100kg when extended I think! We do have an awning that covers it too, but can cook inside also. So many options! Haha


Fantastic :slight_smile: sounds brilliant. Love love love the design.


That is such a homey and clever van. That slide out kitchen is :ok_hand:


This is amaaaazing !! Just wow, well done :slight_smile: cya on the road in Aus


Now I know where to get those extra long silders. Perfect for bicycle under fixed raised bed.