Showering when on the road


Agree, I found there things very useful. I always wondered about the legalities of even just having a hose with 12v pump set up and running it from a river or stream to shower??


Very interesting! We haven’t even thought of that, that’s a very curious topic to research. Keep us posted if you find any info on that, and we’ll do the same as well!


Loving all the great info you are posting in the forum btw. Super informative and very accurate information. Heaps of help. Hope you are able to stay connected. Cheers :+1::ok_hand:


Hi Thomas. Yes fresh & waste. Both 75 litres. They were supposed to arrive this week but told another 3 weeks :frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️


I worry about having large water storage and grey water adds too much weight to my van.


Not sure if this is just an Australian thing… but for our shower we used a length of 100mm PVC pipe (same length as the van) and attached it to the roof racks. We painted it black to try and make the water a little warmer (its still quite cold in winter). We capped both ends and have ‘T’ section on one end with a screw cap so you can re-fill it at the top. At one of the capped ends we fit a normal garden tap so you can plug a hose onto it and use it like a hand held shower head, and at the other end we fit a schrader valve (like a tyre valve) so we can use a 12v compressor to pressurise the water and have a constant flow! Works really well but mostly a warmer weather/ not shy in public type shower haha

Can take some photos and post them if anyone is interested


That sounds similar to what we want to do! We would love some pictures!


Here are some pictures from my comment above!


I heat water on then stove and then use a portable shower.

The key is the low flow shower head which allows taking a shower with 2 gallons of water.


Very handy tips. I like the idea of the t section to fill and then pressurize the water. Will have to experiment and play around with that idea :+1:


I saw product similar to your idea a while ago, the company was selling it for about $80+ I think.

It was similar to yours. Mount on roof, black, and they were saying that it heats water using the sun


Yeah I saw this product too, but it was much more expensive and hard to find in Aus… Plus I’m obsessed with making my own things :yum:



I like the weed sprayers with a kitchen sprayer attached for the nozzle. They require no power, and I painted mine black so I can sit it in the sun for free hot water. No sun, no problem, I can heat water on my stove.

I like the versatility, not only is it a portable shower, but I can wash off picnic tables, or even wash my van with it. I can do laundry with it too, it has good power to really get the dirt out, all while being a water saver. It can be used in the sink too, instant PORTABLE pressurized water delivery.



We build us the outdoor shower which we can operate through the sliding window of the van. We build us a wooden roof in the top of a car and under it we make the shower curtain pulls out on rails. The shower will be kind of small 90x60 cm or similar but still fine enough to do it comfortable. I hope - we are still in assembly process :slight_smile: the warm water from boiler come as well ! We put the updates on out profile @dreams.on4wheels ! Greetings


Dimitri, how do you shower in the winter?


I agree, it’s way better when you do it yourself!


Haha good question! :joy:



We found this shower on Amazon, you only charge it with USB and get 2 speeds for the water! We love it!

Chloé & Gürkan


I think it’s planet fitness that’s $20 something a month and they are ALL over?


Quite a number of camping grounds are happy to let you have a shower for $5 if you are not actually staying there. It is also nicer to ask first (gives you good Karma too) rather than try and sneak in like some people do.