Showering when on the road


Is it just pvc painted black? How much water does is hold??


I have a great portable solution from a company called duckworks. It’s kinda like a professional version of the weed spayer. They used to do a black one but mine is orange and heats up in the sun very well and is made to last from pretty heavy duty components. It was not cheap but I’m very happy.


Im guessing this gets your water about luke warm temperature?

How much was it? and can you share a pic of it?


Will have to check it out. I was just thinking if a get a small 12v pump I will be able to build my own pretty cheap


I saw one van lifer at IG with an water tap convertible in shower tap, that’s what i’ll put in my van.

Greetings from Portugal, see you on the road!


Do you have their IG name??


I search and search, was that pictures that we want to see again but never happened ahahah


I can relate to that. If you end up finding it be sure to post it here.

I will also, be looking on Instagram to see if I find any creative ideas.


Gym membership is such a simple but effective solution. Never though of that, thanks.


They are so expensive. And then need to find a gym. That makes it a bit tricky.


We are looking into DIYing a shower like @Jryanshort but I also have heard of the RinseKit and wanted to share!


But in most cases you need to find a gym with many different locations, since you will be travelling.


re: the pricey gym memberships- planet fitness in the US always has showers and usually open 24/7. they’re everywhere. $10 a month!


Wow. That is cheap. In Australia the cheapest gym that is everywhere is like $50 a month


Their also in Canada for about the same price I believe.


I’m building a shower/toilet combo for my van.
Base and toilet from Thetford. It does take up a lot of room though :frowning:



Looks good. How will you run the plumbing etc? 12v pump on a second battery?


Got a couple of under floor tanks on order and yes pump & battery.
I’ve got it in the van now…just!! And ready to plumb in but it’s in a long list of things to do!


We have a solar shower we travel around with and honestly have never used it (been on the road almost a year and a half now). When we need to bathe we normally find ourselves at an established campground, hop in a river or visiting a friend or family member. We would use the solar shower if we really needed it, but we just haven’t yet. I feel like if we were more beach travelers this may be different, or if you find yourself in humid areas more.


What capacity are the tanks? I am assuming one is a grey water tanks and one a freshwater tank?