Showering when on the road


Hi Vanlifers,

I have found that showering can be a little bit tricky at times when I am on the road. I usually go for a swim (not using soap in this case, as it pollutes the water) or use a bottle of water to have a quick wash. When I can I stop in at the local pool and pay for a shower.

I was looking at installing a 12v shower in my van but I don’t know how great the benefits would be. Let me know how you get around this issue when you are on the road. :+1::ok_hand:


You just gotta get creative. Sometimes when dispersed camping on public lands, there will be a shower at a nearby pay Campground. You can usually just walk or if you want you can talk to the camp host. If you’re near a beach ( doesn’t have to be ocean) there are often public showers for rinsing off sand. I also take advantage of bodies of water when seasonal and use biodegradable soap. When all else fails, I have a 1 gallon bug/garden sprayer. Warm a little water on the stove and use that as a handheld shower.


Gym memberships, portable, and public washrooms are the way to go if you don’t got anything built in.

I’ll look into this 12v shower for you, could you tell me more about it?


I like the idea of the bug spray. Very smart. I was thinking about adding some water storage and having a 12v pump to create a shower that could hook up on the back of the van. I’ll keep looking into it. Cheers for the replies. Any other ideas??


I use the bug sprayer thing as well - there’s a good video tutorial for making one here that gives a good idea of how they’re made if you need more info. Works great for me! But I’m also not a full timer, so it might not be what you need!


Looks like it would to the trick to me. Thanks for posting :+1::ok_hand:


There’s some portable shower outfits out there with propane burners and 12v pumps, but really your biggest concern becomes a water source: you’ll need at least a couple of gallons for a real, good, shower. Many truck stops and here in the west a lot of campgrounds (both public and private) have showers, so what you’ve been doing could likely be expanded a bit without the expense of a tag along shower. Good luck!


Yeah the campgrounds and truck stops are good little places. Whenever I go to the truck stop for a cheap shower I end up buying chocolates and chips and spending my money. :fearful::ok_hand:


Thanks for the responses here guys, really helpful for us as we’re currently considering showering options for our van…


How about something like a Norwex cloth with built in silver for it’s antibacterial properties. My family uses them around the house all the time.


I have not heard of this option. Do you have any more information?


I’ve also used Norwex Body Cloths and love them. They eliminate the need for soap so that you can was with just water. The forum wont let me post a link but you have to but them through a Rep so just Google Norwex Body Cloths and you’ll find their webpage


Checkout @geysersystems on Instagram. They sell this portable shower which lasts 7mins per gallon.

We plan on doing a collab with them to get y’all some discounts. Let us know what you think about it.


Because is not summer, i use just a black jerrycan. In summer the outdoor back shower of the van


Could you tell us more about what a black jerrycan is?


I take a 15l jerrycan or water tank, and paint in black for take the heat from the sun , it work great. Just need to move the water during the heating Time. And my black paint is Bad, they fall off, i put the jerrycan in a bah for that

Sorry for Bad english , i’m french and do my best :blush:


that’s a pretty clever idea. Good for you! :+1:

No problem! it’s still understandable :blush:


Here is the home depot shower we made and love it!


Tell us more about it, how does it work, and what’s unique about it?
Looks interesting


Perfect. Thanks. When they allow you to post a link