Running dehumidifier while in van

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I wonder if anyone runs a dehumidifier at night while sleeping in their van to keep condensation down and help wet gear dry overnight?

I’m building out a Sprinter. I’ll be using it a lot for multi-day winter adventures. I finish the day skiing or climbing with a lot of wet gear and would like it dry to put back on the next morning. I’ll have a diesel heater and fans inside to circulate air. Because a lot of my adventures are in the Cascades range, outside humidity is often high during the winter, so cracking vents and windows only helps a little. With two people sleeping in the van and a lot of wet gear, am worried there will be too much humidity to dry things out (not to mention the wet-boots smell).

I’m considering installing an Ecor Pro Desiccant Dehumidifier — 17 Pints/Day, Model# EPD30. It doesn’t use a compressor, so probably won’t be super loud. It does suck some juice, but I’ll have a pretty substantial 12 power system.

I wonder if this is a good idea?

A solid fuel heater produces dry heat, and doesn’t use any electricity. Combine it with a fan, either electric or heat-powered, and it will dry things out.

Make one of the diesel heaters air ducts go to the bathroom/shower area if you have one. Since that space should also have an exit vent you now have a drying cabinet for your gear that also works while driving.

Also that should not be your only method of heat if possible. Axel’s burner is a idea worth checking out.

Here’s a link to my heater install:

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Your diesel heater should produce dry heat, and that’s the biggest part of the battle. If you aim a fan at what needs drying, you should be good to go.


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Yeah I agree. a dehumidifier will work but chew power and arn’t very quiet so not the best if you are a light sleeper

I’m new here. And thank you for the information. I hope I take a lot from this forum.