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MY name is rob. I do not have a van yet but i’m currently saving for one. I am 29 turning 30 in may. i have been dreaming about the van life for about 5 years now and decided that when i turn 30 i was gonna make it real. So any information that people would like to share with me would be very helpful. The only concern i have is what i am gonna do for a job as i cook for a living. I have thought about making my travel around seasonal culinary jobs. so if there are any culinary/hospitality van lifers out there Hi!! your insight is very much welcomed as is any one on here. Thank you :sunglasses:

Hey robp,


Do you know what kind of van you are looking for?

I’m a newb here myself. This is the first forum I’ve ever joined and I find them to very helpful with a fairly wide range of opinions as to what might be best. There is also technical how to help available and what appears to be fairly knowledgeable replies… at least as far as I can tell. They sometimes appear to be speaking English; however, I can’t tell you what they’re talking about!

Maybe you could be more descriptive about what you are picturing so that you could get some feedback about the experiences of others. For example. were you thinking of a camper van, a cargo van that you build yourself, a full sized older conversion van that you could add to, a mini-van, a mini-motor home, a regular sized motor home, or one of those newer tall boy Ford/Benz style vans?

Again, there is a wide range of experiences and choices here covering the options I just described and others also. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, just sorta describe kinda what you think you want and you’ll get some feedback. There are a coupla folks on here that are thought to occasionally bite; but, supposedly they’ve had the rabies shots. So don’t be bashful, just toss it out there.

As for work, I think that someone can shuffle you to some sites that may provide more opportunities. Again just ask. Good luck.emphasized text

Greetings & Welcome!

Aloha! Newbie forum user here, too! :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the website Has a ton of great jobs for people on the road, including in service/hospitality! Super low monthly/annual rate, but they also offer a one-month trial period.

Hope this is helpful! :slight_smile: