NC Sprinter conversion build

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Been dreaming of traveling and it seems everything is finally beginning to line up. It took a little while to find the right van, and I guess karma was working with us. I didn’t think we could afford a high top 4x4 Sprinter, but one appeared online that the dealer had mistakenly underpriced. I jumped on it before they had a chance to raise the price and they actually honored the super low price. So, we ended up with a high top, extended body, 4x4 Sprinter with only 12,500 miles on the odo! :grin:

It’s a cargo van, so we’re installing some windows, a couple of passenger seats, and then all the camp/travel stuff.

Looking forward to seeing what I can learn from you folks.

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I also have a cargo van. Do your build first and install windows when you are closer to being done. I was liberated to do my build without avoiding windows. I also found a way to use my cargo hold downs which was a game changer for me

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Greetings & Welcome!

I have to totally disagree with adding windows later, they should come first so you can build proper frames around them.

Make sure you get opening windows, so you can avoid roof vents. You don’t want any added holes in your roof it’s at all avoidable, because sooner or later they always leak.

One of the best schemes I’ve seen used two different types of tip out windows. On on side, the windows tipped out at the bottom, and on the other side, only the top half tipped out. Both were reasonably rainproof, but the combination allowed natural convection cooling without the need of a fan, making them extremely energy efficient.

The more windows, the better the ventilation, and the view. Most experienced full timers have switched to window vans. Cargo vans are a newbie mistake, but they’re heavily promoted by people looking to profit by recruiting others, because they cost so much more to convert. The promoters make big money off from solar panels, controllers, expensive batteries, roof vents, expensive heaters, 12v compressor fridges, and gym memberships, all of which are questionable choices at best. The best builds don’t incorporate any of them, because there are many better and cheaper options available.

These promoters neglect to tell their victims that they are likely to lose most if not all of the time and money they put into converting cargo vans. Adding windows does greatly improve the resale value though.

For less than the cost of a month or two of gym membership, you can have your own toilet & shower which is so much more convenient. Simple systems are better, the less you have that can go wrong, the less that will go wrong.


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Such a deal. Good for you. Are you posting on Instagram?

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