Leaking roof fix

Got some strong, persistent rain today and a leak started drip, drip, dripping. I was able to get our van into a dry bay as the rain fell. I found (what I think) the leak on the outside roof and patched it with FlexSeal spray and, after it dried, put down multiple layers of FlexSeal tape. Expensive stuff but I think it has worked.

Flex seal has worked for me but it was only temporary (a few months before it was wet again). It was raining when I found out it was temporary (smile) so it got some more flexseal to get past that storm.
Properly seal your problem area when you get the time.

This leak occurred where the roof escape/vent hatch meets the roof. It was “sealed” with professional installers tape sealant many years ago and simply cracked and split (we have had an extremely hot and dry summer).
How would you suggest one “properly seal” the problem area?

Eternabond should do the trick.

Thank you Deb. This is pretty much the same producer I used, just goes by different names: FlexSeal Tape and Grace Vycor flashing tape.