Joining vanlife!

hi there! My name’s Camryn and my boyfriend and I are planning on saving up for a year and buying a sprinter to live in full time! I’m currently living in northeast Florida and I really want to get involved in the community but haven’t been able to find anything in Florida! I have so many questions and I am so passionate about this nomadic lifestyle so I really want to connect with some like-minded individuals. If you are in Florida and know of any community events please let me know
Love and light!


is there a specific reason you only want to connect with the community in person?

I mean you can ask all your questions here on our forum, and everyone would gladly help you out.

I just prefer to connect in person and I have read about van meet ups and would love to be able to see the vans in person and really get a feel for the community

Check this out:

I don’t think there are any in your area. But if I find any I will let you know

We might head to florida sometime in 2-4 months. We could meet up for a bit and maybe show you guys around.

Theres an instagram account called @vanlifemeetups (or something like that - I’m not 100% sure that’s what it is) that shares about random gatherings. There’s also a Facebook group called Vanlife Rendezvous that people post in like “yo I’m in this area - anyone?” It’s also a place for people to advertise gatherings. Hope you meet some like minded buddies! There’s nothing like that connection outside of a screen!