Any gatherings planned?

Does anyone know of any gatherings being planned in the near future around the midwest region of NA? My girlfriend, two pups and myself are currently in Colorado and plan to be scootin’ southwest from here.

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We have a gathering planned with @Gnomad_Home in 2019

More info here:
@gnomad_home on Instagram: "Y'all ready for an exciting announcement today!? Remember how awesome and kick-ass the #MidwestVanlifeGathering was this past May? Well we have some exciting things in the works to make next year's even BETTER!! - First and foremost we want to welcome our main sponsor of the event @project.vanlife!! We have been working together to start forming a weekend like you won't even believe and they are super excited to partake in bringing some aweness to the table! - Second, the Midwest Vanlife Gathering is 100% a fundraiser!! We will be donating to, an Illinois-based nonprofit that works with kids through the utilization of wilderness therapy building skills like teamwork, confidence, problem solving and more! This past year we were able to donate over $6,000 to, but we think we can do better next year. - Finally - we'll let you in on some exciting secrets we have in the works. Our website is jampacked with free information to help you transform your life into one of adventure, and it seemed like a natural idea to bring that to our event. That's why we are pumped to announce we will be holding workshops all weekend long to answer all the questions you may have on the road! Working on the road? We gotchu boo! Sustainability tips! It'll be there! Feeling overwhelmed with #solar? Don't you worry - because @renogysolar is working with us to help you out as well!! 😃 - All of this and much, much more! Any other workshops you'd like to see? Throw 'em in the comments so we can start game planning and organizing! And don't forget to mark your calendars for May 2019 (exact date and time TBD) - so you don't miss out on a community of fun and endless information to help you get the most out of Vanlife! What else would you like to see at the event?? Let us know!! 😁😁"

I think Vanlifediaries are planning one aswell. Not 100% sure though


Descend on Bend ( Bend, Oregon) just opened up registrations!

It’s the biggest van gathering in the US. Come hang! Peep their website and sign up- 75 bucks gets you a long weekend of camping and surely a ton of new friends and ideas for your van.



Oh sounds cool! Thank you!

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Also check cheap RV living forums they host gatherings sometimes

Wooo hooooo!! It’s going to be a great one, too! May 2019 in Missouri! We will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Adventure Works, an Illinois-based nonprofit that works with troubled teens through the use of wilderness therapy and team building activities!

We will be running workshops all weekend long jampacked with information. Renogy will be joining us for a solar workshop, we will have a panel of long-term vanlifers talking about how to afford life on the road, @irietoaurora will be running workshops throughout the weekend to show you how to live more sustainably on the road and cut out any additional waste and a killer raffle as well!

All are welcome too! You don’t need a van! Bring your RV, bring your skoolie, bring your car, bring your tent, bring your bike or your hammock! Everyone is welcome to join!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Look forward to seeing you all there!

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I’m new here… $75 for a weekend gathering? This is a different type of vandwelling than I’m used to, what do you get for the money?

At Descend on Bend, depending on the ticket you get (prices vary and give you an array of different perks) - but you receive things ranging from a wicked cook out on what I believe is a record breaking smoked (this thing is the size of some rigs), they have live music, it gets you a pint glass, stickers, maybe a shirt(?), shower tokens, etc. Descend is a huge event - last year was over 400 rigs I believe, so the entry fee gets you all of that, and helps them get porta potties, showers, and all that kind of stuff out there as well. I believe they donate a bit of the ticket sales as well but I’m not positive.

The event we are putting on with ProjectVanlife in Missouri, May 2019, will be $50 for a rig with two humans 18 or over (pets welcome as well) and will get you a place to park and access to all of the workshops and activities throughout the weekend (workshops listed above, we will also have stand up paddle boarding, yoga and more!), and the rest of the proceeds (after the permit, porta potties, etc) we will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Adventure Works.


Seems I can’t just say thanks, it has to be more … I guess it’s use the heart button or nothing

Live & learn.


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Thanks for the tip! I just registered!