In the brainstorming phase

Hello! I’m in the kind of early stages here, so I’m happy to have found this community! I’m currently living in Southern California, paying way too much in rent even though it’s on the low end for my area, and truly pretty miserable mentally right now. I’ll be road tripping to Washington State in June (in my car) and trying to downsize everything I own in the mean time so I can just take off and then figure it out from there. Hoping to find some guidance and community here :slight_smile:

You can pretty much live in anything you want. I turned my pickup truck into a partial truck Camper. Lived in the back of my explorer for a few months on a Florida journey.

You could get a few things that would make your trip more comfortable. Like a portable ice chest fridge. That way you can always have food and drinks without buying ice. They make some that plug into the car lighter if your doing a lot of driving. When stopped, just make sure the fridge is off and keep the lid closed.

Just an idea? I find a fridge is very helpful in living in my truck Camper.


From our lowest point, we can only go up…so keep going!

Since moving into my van 18 months ago I am now saving myself almost £2000 every month…that’s almost £24,000 every year!

Downsizing and living minimally is what it’s all about…you’ll be amazed when you realise that half the stuff you had, you actually didn’t need!

Best way…figure it out as you go!

You will here…and on the road!

All the best!