How did you pick a name?


Hi, my name is Moli (23) and my husband Kyle (24) we just bought our first trailer, and are busy remodeling it! My husband could care less, but I am trying so hard (probably too hard) to come up with a name for our camper!
How did you choose a name?
I’m so excited to read more about this lifestyle and create friendships. I have some complex health issues, so I’m interested in meeting others with the same passion that I have! :mountain:
Safe travels! :sunflower:


I’m SO bad at picking names, I always have been. My partner and I are having the same dilemma. Both our van and motorcycle are still nameless. I would also love advice on how people have named theirs


:woman_facepalming: sometimes I just wish my creative juices would flow! :joy:


We we’re on our way to Outside Vans in Portland…when Tom Petty sadly passed…
“Wildflower” it is…


In my opinion, coming up with a name is a personal choice. And it often just comes to you randomly when you aren’t even thinking about it.

And other times you can spend hours thinking and still get nothing.

This is what happens with me.

You guys should also create a new topic in “the build” category and document your build process. I’m sure many people would love to follow along!


It’s my opinion that things like this name themselves. It’ll come to you. Don’t force it.

My first rig was an aerostar. I ended up naming it death star. That just made sense. Then when I got my bus I eventually named it Serenity. Felt right to keep the sci fi theme going.

( If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch Firefly)


We brought our van in Canada so wanted to give her a Canadian inspired name the only thing we could think of was “Buddy” and it suited!


Naming anything can definitely be hard at times! When it gets difficult, I try to stop thinking too much and it normally comes to me in passing.
I ended up naming my van, Eva, after the character in Wall•E who came back to a post apocalyptic earth to search for signs of life and nature :slight_smile:


Another Canadian inspired name could be “Maple”


I love hearing about the meanings behind the names people give to their vehicles. They are always so unique and interesting!


Well I bought a second hand van (Vivaro) from a Painter.

He’s name and company details along with a graphic. I kept the graphic and the name. Since this moment my van is called Gunther :smiley:


We called it Herbert because was born/imported from Germany. Was the best German name I could think of ahah


I named my bus after the original owner because she took such good care of my 1973 VW bus. Also there is still a pack of her American Spirits in red leather case in the glove box.


What did you name it?


ANN. Ann the Van. She is amazing!



Most of my vehicles don’t really have names, but get called many things from time to time, some not so flattering. My current van of many years has never heard anything but praise from me…



We were watching a movie that really hit us,
“Captain Fantastic” and their bus is named Steve. Our build is a 1975 Chevrolet surfer van, and it just fit- insert porno mustache and bad 70s shag carpet… Already removed :wink:


Our Van is Canadian, and she’s a Zion. Her name is “Z” but pronounced Zed. It’s a play on how its pronounced in Canada (and a little Pulp Fiction for those of you who know it ) :blush:

There’s no wrong answer it will come to you


I call my van the coffin, because there’s no airbag and no deformation zone. So I know that the first frontal impact with anything will be the last for me. Several weeks after I named my van like that, the previous owner told me that it was used as funeral car originally. What a coincidence! :slight_smile:


We watched the serie “Gilmore girls” with my wife and the name Poppy jumped on us :grin: It’s their toaster that’s called like that :blush: Poppy is a very cute word in French, maybe in English it looks a little ridiculous :sweat_smile: