How did you pick a name?

Ha! We just named our bus Buddy. Didn’t know it was Canadian?

I’m naming mines buddy too after the willie Nelson song.

I named my van Rolling Stone (as in "gathers no moss " not the band lol) cos I was always moving on :wink:


Yeah! Most husbands are careless by birth, :wink:, it isn’t a new thing. But yes, I am bad at giving names. Tough job.

We chose HOWie…she was our “Home On Wheels” and it just fit. She was a Toyota Hiace that we drove 8000kms around Australia.

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imo, firstly you need to finish customizing your trailer, and only later to think about name - since when you see your baby, the name could come into your mind quickly!

this is how our van looked like in when we bought it., Dirk Debie was the name of the previous owner, wich was a garderer. we kept the name ‘Debie’ :slight_smile: :ok_hand: