Hellooo Everyone from this Newbie in the Evergreen State

Hellooo Everyone,

My name is Anastasia, go by Anastazia on the Social Media platforms–its usually more available as a username and somewhat helps people know how pronounce my name a bit better. And I often just go by Ana in person.

I’m a 46 yr old single woman who has decided to hit the road this Spring with the notion that Vanlife might be just perfect for me in this new chapter of my life’s Journey. After years of study, degrees, work, and an academic career in Cultural and Religious Anthropology as well as a background in Indigenous/Native, Underrepresented populations, and at-risk Youth–>Social Work and Activism…Times are a changing, and the world along with myself is evolving, I’m ready for a new Frontier.

I am an avid camper, hiker, swimmer, traveler, and roadtripper…and a novice biker, nordic skier, and snowshoer (trying new things outdoors is awesome!). Definitely a lifetime learner (figuring out what to do with my books and going totally digital is gonna be one of my biggest challenges in all this!!). My favorite smells are old books, old buildings, campfire hair smell in that first shower after, and petrichor.

I have 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren…they’re all highly supportive of my decision to hit the road and see if this life is for me. They’re a bit spread out so it will be nice to pull up my new Home for a visit.

I am in the Van Buying Stage now–and just posted some Newbie Questions over in that Topic area. Hoping to hit the road by May 1st at the latest, I’d like to do the Alaskan Hwy again in June…its been a decade since the last time I was there. Other than that my itinerary is open and the bucket list and the must re-visits is long.

Nice to meet all of you!!

Cheers, hope to see you on the road soon!


Nice to meet you (virtually). Given what you said I think you’ll love the lifestyle. Maybe we’ll see you on the road sometime. I live in a house, but love to travel and use the van for much of it. Also enjoy traveling internationally - we returned from New Zealand in the middle of the pandemic break out early last year and looking forward to more of it. Rented a camper van there, and used a VW camper in Europe while living there for 16 years.

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Nice to formally meet you virtually Axel, thanks for your advice on my vehicle buying questions in the other thread!

I enjoy International travel as well, I returned from the Middle East during the middle of the Pandemic break out last Summer myself, New Zealand is on my bucket list!..that is a fantastic thought to rent a Van while traveling Internationally–Love it, will have to try it out!

Maybe see you on the road soon! :sunglasses:

What part of the Middle East? I spent several years there as well, mostly Turkey, the Arabian peninsula, and North Africa.

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I was mostly in Israel, and short jaunts to Jordan, Egypt, and Greece.

I’d love to do Turkey, also on my bucket list, but politically its getting tougher (more dangerous) I hear? I was disappointed to hear the change at the Hagia Sophia, it was/is a World Heritage Site I would have loved to be able to go into and explore/enjoy…
Things seem to be getting tense there.

Yeah, Turkey has become a little rough with religious extremism. I remember when it was a true secular democracy with a woman as a prime minister. Of course people in other parts of the world have been speaking in extremist terms about the US - for good reason.

I never made it to Israel; I’m not a religious person, and don’t like the way they treat the Palestinians. Turkey is certainly more interesting in historical terms, and contains far more archeological sites. Been there 11 times.

Only been to Egypt once, and only for a couple days in Cairo - don’t remember much. I’m not a big fan of Saudi Arabia - they’re not as friendly to westerners as the Turks, Kuwaitis, and the people of UAE. Tunisia is an enjoyable place for the most part, as is Morocco.

Hopefully populist/despot politics will begin to subside leading to more stability. It’s good we voted it out here in November.

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