Hellooo Everyone,

My name is Anastasia, go by Anastazia on the Social Media platforms–its usually more available as a username and somewhat helps people know how pronounce my name a bit better. And I often just go by Ana in person.

I’m a 46 yr old single woman who has decided to hit the road this Spring with the notion that Vanlife might be just perfect for me in this new chapter of my life’s Journey. After years of study, degrees, work, and an academic career in Cultural, Archaeological, and Religious Anthropology as well as a background in Indigenous/Native, Underrepresented populations, and at-risk Youth–>Social Work and Activism…(as well as a lot of random and interesting side jobs along the way) …Times are a changing, and the world along with myself is evolving, I’m ready for a New Frontier; and for many reasons (Travel, Adventure, Community, Philosophical, Political, and Financial) Vanlife calls to me.

I am from a small town in the Mountains of WA (Roslyn), and I have lived in various places at different times including in the Mountains, deserts, and plains of WA, OR, ID, MT, CA, UT, AZ , Alaska…and Vancouver Island in Canada. I’ve toured much of the US on road trips, short & long vacations. I also enjoy international travel and have done so extensively in North America, Canada, Mexico, and the Near/Middle East. (so much more I want to see!).

I am an avid camper, hiker, swimmer, traveler, and roadtripper…and a novice biker, nordic skier, and snowshoer (trying new things outdoors is awesome!). Definitely a lifetime learner (figuring out what to do with my books and going totally digital is gonna be one of my biggest challenges in all this!!). My favorite smells are old books, old buildings, campfire hair smell in that first shower after, and petrichor.

I have 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren…they’re all highly supportive of my decision to hit the road and see if this life is for me. They’re a bit spread out so it will be nice to pull up my new Home for a visit.

I am in the Van Buying Stage now (Feb 21’). Hoping to hit the road by May 1st at the latest, I’d like to do the Alaskan Hwy again in June…its been a decade since the last time I was there. Other than that my itinerary is open and the bucket list and the must re-visits is long.

Nice to meet all of you!!

Cheers, hope to see you on the road soon!