Hello from Michigan! 🚐

How’s it going everyone my names Mark, bought my first van (08 Chevy Express 2500 Cargo) this month it was already insulated, had wood flooring, and some paneling but in the process of fully converting it and fixing things I didn’t like. It’s getting pretty close to me being able to sleep in it. Can’t wait to start some traveling this year. If you’re on Instagram and would like to follow my build and adventures to come head to my profile and click the link there since new users aren’t allowed to put links in posts!

Hey man, looks sweet! Just followed you ig - Gabriel

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Hello from Michigan. I’m working on an '09 Express 2500.

Mostly done for what I need. Can’t wait to start camping again.

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@Ren Just looked through your profile and found your build, looks pretty cool! Where abouts in Michigan are you located?!

Over by Chelsea (Ann Arbor). Where are you?

Oh nice! I’m in the Grand Rapids area

Ok cool. About 2 hours away. I’ve been van camping up in the Harrison are by the Muskegon river. I like leaving the rear barn doors open so I can hear the river gurgling past. Had a bear come up a small ravine last year, right behind the van.

My dog alerted me before I heard it. He didn’t bark but he got up and stood on my arm while peering out into the darkness.

Yea not far, and oh dang can’t say I’ve ever came across a bear in my life haha. I’ll message you sometime to get info on some good spots to take my van! :ok_hand:t3:

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If you don’t mind state parks there are some nice ones on the west side of the state. I ride my motorcycle around the mitten every year and have enjoyed a few of them.

If you want a more private experience I like the national forests. I’m thinking I may cross the bridge and check out the Lake Superior shoreline this year for a few days.

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I’ve been to a few state parks which aren’t bad but looking to camp for free with less people around this year. I’ve camped in Manistee national forest and liked that a lot. What do you ride?? I bought a 82 gs650 last March and chopped it down to bob it out and rode that towards the end of the season when I got it done.

Greetings & Welcome!


You should be able to post links once you get a few posts under your belt…

Looking good. I’m in Minneapolis & Duluth for the winter before heading back to Florida for the summer. Kind of a backwards snowbird, but I’m taking care of friends & family. Hoping to be free after next summer… I miss the Northern forests, lakes, & rivers in the summer, and the warmer weather down South in the winter, once hurricane season is over. In the meantime, I have good heating & cooling to keep me comfortable regardless of the weather.


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'77 kz650. I’ve camped in Manistee National Forest but have spent more time in the Huron National Forest, Mio area. Soooo many ticks there now :frowning:

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@Ren We’ll have to get together for a ride if you ever pass through Grand Rapids :ok_hand:t3:

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