Heater option for high elevation

Hey all! I live in Denver and so I’m spending a lot of time about 5,000’. I’ve heard Webasto heaters have issues at that elevation. Also I can’t track down a Propex heater anywhere across the US but I have an email alert for when they come back in stock.
Any feedback for users that have heaters in their vehicles living above 5k feet? (I’m in a promaster 159 ext high roof, so it’s quite a bit of space.)


I use a wick type portable kerosene heater. It requires no power, can also use diesel, and it’s dead simple without much to go wrong with it. Then I sit a heat powered wood stove fan on top of it, to have fan circulated hot air without needing any power. Unlike unvented propane heat, it’s nice dry heat, and a lot safer too.

One of the best things I’ve ever done was ditching propane in favor of kerosene/diesel. Even 100+ year old kerosene heaters, stoves, lanterns, and appliances still work good as new. Older, foolproof, dependable technology you can count on, with no battery/electric power needed.

I just checked the Denver Craigslist and there’s of kerosene heaters available cheap, I also saw an alpaca cook stove too. Once in a while they might need a new wick, but other than that there’s nothing more dependable available anywhere.


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I live in Albuquerque (5,300 ft above sea level), and often camp above 8 or 9,000 ft. This is my solution:

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Hi, I haver a similar setup, Promaster 159. I recently completed installation of my Webasto. I purchased a kit with the HD timer controller and separately purchased a Rheostat controller. Turns out you can have both connected at the same time (with the proper wiring harness - the one that supports making the altitude adjustment). Being a newbie I had to ask the question and exchange the harness. Fortunately heatedupamerical , com was very supportive and sent me the correct harness w/o charge.

Anyway, faroutride . com has a tutorial on adjusting the Webasto for high altitude operation. They have a pretty thorough discussion of the issue and solutions in several blog posts.

Although I live at sea level, I’ll be making the adjustment as I expect most camping to be above 1000 meters and up to 3000 meters and I don’t mind the slightly reduced capacity at sea level because a) my promaster is well insulated, double pane windows, etc. and b) I live on the left coast and temperatures are pretty mild at sea level :slight_smile:

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I use an undermount Propex heater and it works perfectly with no cleaning or maintenance even at 9,000 feet. Best choice for me

GoWesty in CO has Propex in stock.

We have plenty of quality options on our website at Rixens,com

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@RixensEnterprisesInc - Yeah for 4 times the price of any other competitors option. Sounds more like insanely overpriced options to me. 2.5 - 5k? For a heater? Seriously? Literally no reason to choose this over a webasto or any other solution at that price point.


@Bretly I guess it depends on if you want a superior furnace. Thousands of customers prefer Espar/Eberspacher furnaces over Webasto our sales are proof of that, and our superior support is what we base our company on. Our prices may be high, but that cost is worth it for most people who know we will always be there for them.

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I’ll stick with my Dickinson solid fuel burner. Doesn’t need battery power like the overpriced furnace-type heaters. I’ll still have heat if the battery dies. Could be a life-saver, and I don’t have to have an oversized solar/battery system.