Getting near the end of my van build😅

:wave: Howdy- I’ve been following the project vanlife page on Insta and like the van builds. I picked up my 2019 Dodge Promaster 3500 Highroof 159” in Sept 2020 and have been working on it ever since. I tried to stay away from others ideas and off “van co “ build pages so it would be an organic build with my design ideas. I drew to scale most everything in van before building and have slowly incorporated different ideas as I’ve gone to fit my liking as it’s come to life. I wanted to see more vans that “van owners“ built rather than “ van builders” because those are who I would really make a connection with. So here’s to hoping this forum will provide an outlet to share stories from my personal build​:blush:- attached photos of my work last weekend-

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What A/C did you settle on?

Not sure if you saw my entire previous post on this unit but here is a link.