12volt A/C and the power consumption I wanted - I found a winner

Have done a lot of research recently trying to locate an air conditioning system that would work in my van. Went back-and-forth between the 120 V inverter fed or the 12 V battery power direct- I found a winner and not from the usual suspects- or the usual price. Very happy with the install and most importantly the amp draw.:clap:t2::100:

I’m very interested Details/links?

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This is running with 66 deg OA temp ( minimal load with 15+ amps of solar charging while overcast- current draw @ 450 wats±.

Thank you so much for the link. What size roof penetration do you need for the 9000?

It’s very standard. I feel like it was a 14 x 24 or something around there. He will send you several PDFs and detailed instructions/videos about the install. I have a Dodge Pro master and it fit exactly in the roof cut out behind the driver cab area. I’m out and about but I can send more information tomorrow. The owner is very nice and easy to talk to. If you’re OK with all white model He had some 2021 models that he sold for $1850. The 2022 models were about $600 more. Still about half the price of a Nomadic cooling unit that looks identical to design and BTU rating. I installed one in my van and I’ve run it several times it works good. Currently the highest wattage usage is at 650 And drawings little over 50 A.