Getting Ideas in the DMV

Introduce Yourself…

Hi! I live in the DMV and looking to get ideas about vans, tips, advice, and stories from local people. I’m looking to get things started - It seems like around here people aren’t into this kind of thing, but I’m sure they exist.

What is DMV? never heard of it.

For ideas the best place to look would be Instagram.
You can go on the newbies corner category, and find peoples introductions, along with their Instagram usernames (in some cases). Or you can head over to the ProjectVanlife Instagram, where we repost tons of pictures of different vanlifers everyday.

If you are looking for tips and advice you are going to have to be more specific.
What specific aspect are you looking to get tips and advice for?

as you can imagine this can be many things. So it’s important for you to be more specific here so we can help you out.

You can check out our stories page, where nomads share their stories. I don’t believe, there currently is anyone from the ‘DMV’ on there, but it’s worth checking out.

Me too!! I’m in the NoVA area, Sterling to more specific.

Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area.

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Ah yeah, basically the DC area. Thats cool, I’m in arlington. Whats your experience with vanlife?


Only a dream right now, wish I could help you more.

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Ah no worries! Its cool theres just other people interested round here!

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Whew…I was worried you were in the Department of Motor Vehicles and wasn’t sure if the authorities there were getting ideas or what, LOL!

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I know, that’s what DMV means to me too, thought maybe they were homeless and somehow living in one…



The normal order of things is job/money, then some sort of home on wheels. Homes on wheels can be more difficult depending on where you’re at.

Depending on your goals, you can be a ghost, and asset to others, or a detriment to the community surrounding you. Most of us find some combination of the first two preferable.

If the locals are hostile towards mobile dwellers, everybody might be in ghost mode. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible, just the need to adapt to what works in any given area.

I don’t do stealth, and really don’t believe in it. If a neighborhood doesn’t want me, a few blocks away I might be welcomed. With practice you learn the best places to stay. They can vary widely between areas, and whether or not it is legal or illegal in any given area. I’ve camped without problem in many cities where it is technically illegal, but by not trying to hide, and being a good neighbor, nobody complained. I’d pick up trash along both sides of the street, so the neighbors could see I was trying to be a good neighbor. Sometimes I’d shovel snow, or mow somebody’s lawn, always for free. Just little things, but things that meant you were a good neighbor, and not somebody to complain about. Sometimes, I’d help build decks, or patios, or other things since I worked construction anyway…

If you go cheap, you’re not risking much, and owning the roof over your head is a great feeling. I’d take vehicle dwelling over couch surfing any day, if it was an achievable goal. Many things in life are possible if we’re determined enough to achieve them.

Check the legalities in your area, and keep your eyes peeled for others doing it. Sometimes awareness can be more educating than the laws.

Good luck and holler of if we can be of assistance.