Tiny House Festival


Have you heard about the [Tiny House Festival] next weekend? I know I’m going to it.

Getting Ideas in the DMV

Whats the festival for?


Mostly tiny houses, but I heard there might be at least one converted vehicle, which is why I thought @Woodra_Keene would be interested.


So is it like a community gathering type of thing?


Sort of, but anyone can go.
I’ve never been before, so the website info is all I have to go off of.


Ah that’s super cool! I’d totally go to something like that. Unfortunately I’m out of town then, but I’ll keep an eye out for more stuff like that. Thanks!!


I know some people were probably wondering how it was, and I never posted here about it. Well, I took some video and movie clips and have been editing them together. It is exporting now and I will have to rewatch it before posting, but hopefully I can share it with everyone soon.


Looking forward to seeing it!


It took way to much effort to get this to work (2 resaves, and 3 browsers), but the video is now live!!