Getting a Dodge Sprinter ready for a weird adventure

Hey ya’ll, I’m in the process of building out a 2006 Dodge sprinter so my wife and I can go on a big, weird adventure around the country this summer. I’m not a super handy person so I’m thankful to have found resources like this one! Thanks for all the information.

Hey man! I’m just getting started too, good luck with everything!

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Greetings & Welcome!

Great resources here! Cheap & Quick but complete conversions will save you time, money, and hassles down the road. In my humble opinion, no build is complete without an indoor toilet & shower. Nothing beats the comfort & convenience of having your own clean and sanitary bathroom.

Don’t get side tracked by the glitz & glamour of expensive but poor choices. The best & most comfortable conversions cost hundreds, not thousands of dollars. Spend your money enjoying your adventures, instead of on expensive options that will never pay for themselves, or improve the quality of your life.

Be pro-active in vehicle repairs, to prevent costly breakdowns in inconvenient places. Only rely on trained professionals that you can hold accountable for safety related maintenance, repairs, & upgrades. The University of Youtube is notorious for costing people untold fortunes, and even their lives. Save your DIY skills & ambitions for non safety related projects. To many people have lost their rigs and their lives due to DIY electrical & propane installations. If you’re not qualified, leave it to the professionals. The savings of DIY isn’t worth losing your vehicle or your life.

Good Luck & Cheers!

"Beat Murphy's Law with a KISS! (Keep It Stupidly Simple)" ~ Van_Dweller

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Thanks for all the advice, I definitely agree, I’d rather spend money on experiences then on a tile backsplash or whatever else