Do I fit in here? [airstream]

Introduce Yourself…

Hey y’all. I’m Patrick. Friends call me PB. I’m in the process of renovating an airstream. I’ve been in and out of a van or a truck since college and found myself wanting something larger to live in long term.

Not sure how the vanlifers will feel about someone with ~180 SF… :slight_smile:

Currently living in Colorado, chipping away at the project (save a little, spend a little). I hope I’m out there by this time next year. I’m super fortunate to work for a company that synergizes with my goals and I feel really excited to be part of such a friendly and supportive community.



You definately do fit in here. The name is only ‘ProjectVANlife’ because thats what it was when we started. Although our community quickly grew, and now its all types of nomads, enthisiasts, and wanderlusts are welcomed.

You should consider checking out this topic. someone was looking for fellow air streamers on this forum earlier:


You’re definitely welcome here! Anyone living in something on wheels counts, or anyone who wishes to live on wheels even! 180 square feet is still tiny compared to most of society!

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I feel wanting something larger to live in full time! I’m currently in a '94 Ford international school bus. The length is crucial also, being able to stand up is primo :+1:

Good luck with the build, keep updating! I’m happy to chat all things tiny living! :bus:


What vehicle are you thinking of switching too?

I swap between the '94 school bus and a '98 Dodge Ram conversion van. No plans to move into anything bigger than that at the moment…certainly wouldn’t live in a house :stuck_out_tongue:

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So you own both school bus and a dodge ram?

Yes. what do you live in?

that’s awesome!

So where do you keep one vehicle when you go out to travel in the other?
I myself don’t actually live on the road at the moment.

I’m based out of W. North Carolina and tuck my bus in the mtns while on the road. I travel a lot for work so its really the only lifestyle that makes sense.

Do you plan to live on the road and/or in a vehicle?

That sounds risky. Have you ever had any problems with it?
And yes I do but currently I am unable to due to the amount of work I have.

Just the opposite! W.NC is my home. No worries swapping vehicles there.

Rad! Setting up a functional workspace is essential. The work never stops…but neither does the road :metal:

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That’s facts.

If I ever go on weekend road trips i’m always stressing about the work I have. Which isn’t good because it ruins the point. But i’m slowly learning to teach myself to forget about work and that everything will be okay once I get back. Which ends up being the case all the time.