Convertible shower ideas

Are there any good shower/toilet designs that are convertible (ie: don’t take up space when not in use?). I saw one design with curtains that hook to the ceiling in a full circle around a floor that had a built in pan with teak slats. Are there big downsides (I can think of 1 – drying the curtains) to something like that vs a fixed shower space?

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That picture is from an old VW T3 conversion. Late 80’s, early 90’s I assume. Not too much pictures around anymore, this one was one of the best I could find.

It looks like a wardrobe but when you open the door, shower pan drops down and rest of the stuff is ready to use. It is specifically made for that van, shower pan is actually moulded in a certain way so it won’t hit the seats.


There is a thread on showering on the road, its pretty long with more details.

hope you will find it useful.


While mine takes up space all the time, it is a multi use space, and it is also portable so it can be used outdoors if desired.

I use a handicap bedside toilet, which is a basically a bucket toilet with an odor proof lid, that has a sturdy frame. It sits beside my kitchen counter, between it and my ice box. It sits in a storage tub, which catches my shower water. When not in use as a shower, the storage tub holds my fresh water jugs, and my weed sprayer which powers my shower.

I can place my cutting board across the arms of my toilet, to lengthen my available counter space, and I can also place a cushion on the seat to make extra seating.

My shower curtain consists of a hula hoop for the curtain rod, and normal shower curtains and hooks, all from a dollar store. It hooks to a clothes rod that runs across my ceiling. It also encloses my toilet for privacy. When not in use, I usually unhook it, and it just collapses down onto the toilet, so it isn’t obstructing my view.

The shower & toilet are both portable, and can be used either indoors or outdoors as your desires change. The shower curtain dries very quickly, maybe 20 minutes or so, so I just leave it up until it dries before I take it down. I water the lawn or plants at a local park with my shower water. They appreciate it.

When I had a low top van, I could sit on the toilet to take sit down showers, so you don’t need a high top van to make this work.

It’s hard to beat having your own toilet & shower, especially since it costs far less than a gym membership, and it’s so handy. I hate public restrooms and showers.


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