Coffee Brewing Options


I am looking to see what people are doing for their morning Joe while out on the road. Daily lattes can get expensive, plus we aren’t always in a location to swing by a coffee shop. I typically boil a little water and use a travel mug that had a French press incorporated into it. Let’s hear what everyone else does to satisfy their caffeine fix.


Hi, I have a manual coffee grinder and I use a paperless pour over coffee dripper and it’s awesome!


A little stovetop moka pot, and if feeling patient a stove top steamer for the milk too :slight_smile:


I’ve seen a couple people using things like this:

I don’t know much about it though, as I don’t drink coffee my self.


The mug that I have is very similar. I use an electric tea kettle to boil water. When using the small moka coffee pot, what type of stove are you using?


We either use a French press, or just a stovetop espresso maker! Depends on what we’re feeeling/how much coffee we want


Does it get the job done properly? do you have nay problems with it?

Please create a new topic for this. Just so we can keep things organized and easy to find in the future.


Coffee is serious business in our van :wink: we have a brewer for when we are camped out as well as an aeropress (small and easy to clean if you only want a cup) we have a manual and a bodum bur grinder. And Via if we are really in a pinch !


Jetboil and Vietnamese style coffee filter for me with Cafe Du Monde or Trung Nguyen beans (preground) and some sweetened condensed milk.

Great if you like STRONG coffee!


My partner LOVES Vietnamese coffee! That’s why we have our stove-top espresso maker, and we found an awesome squeezable sweetened condensed milk in the mexican food section of one of our favorite grocery stores (Winco)!


Ha! I’m on that squeezable stuff too, total game changer! With the cans I always ended up getting sticky crap all over everything.


Lol, I can picture that :joy:


Squeezable condensed milk, sounds like a game changer. The stronger the coffee the better. My new build will be utilizing mostly electric appliances, so no moka pot on the induction cook top. My bodum boiler and bodum press mug works alright, but is a bit messy in the end. I’m glad so many are chiming in!


What style of brewer, a standard one running off of the inverter, or some nifty 12 volt unit?


Surely some enthusiasts will almost puke but we use instant coffee. Yeah, I know, sounds weird. But it took as some time to find a good tasting, fair trade and organic coffee and it is far better than most of the coffees you get in diners etc. Not this ridiculously expensive one-portion-bag-stuff.


What is the name or brand that you typically enjoy?


Bad timing, we just ran out of coffee. :smiley:
We’re using another brand which I don’t like that much, I’ll have to buy a new jar at our local store, then I can name the brand we usually use.


I got a great French press at LL Bean Makes great coffee, 24 oz at a time keeps it hot. The only caution is don’t over fill or you will get grinds in your press


In my travels I’ve done instant, french press, percolator, and pour over. The latter being the main one we use now for coffee.

However, the Mio-type squeezable juice concentrates now have"energy" flavors. The store brand ones are pretty cheap. About $2 I think. You’ll need to do a little math to tune the caffeine to your personal liking. It’s not coffee, but it’s so much faster to make. Like instant. I’ve come to prefer it when I need to get up and get busy and in warm weather. Hot coffee on a hot day kind of sucks.


Our brewer is bonavita its overkill for the van really. We may downsize it soon. It works on the inverter but its strong enough that it almost slows the system. :roll_eyes: we love the brand though. Again the aeropress was also a great option. Whatever yummy coffee we can find and all you need is boiled water, we use a little kettle​:slightly_smiling_face: