Best setup for van

Hello All,

First time poster but not new to living nomadically in my car some six years. Recently my father passed away and left me more money then I have ever had which is $80,000. I am struggling with how to use this money most affectively. I would really would like to upgrade from my car to a van but there are so many options out there and want to ask everybody’s opinion on what they think is the best route to go (i.e. used, new, models, accessories) or even something else?

Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Sean

You can find something really good, but used for $20-30K and save the rest for travel. Let the rich people buy new and take the depreciation hit. Be waiting in the wings for their “old” stuff that’s depreciated 50%. You’re in a position now where you can snap up one of those deals on something that’s already built and less than 10 years old.

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Thank for the advice. Yes that sounds ideal just as long as a don’t get a lemon and end up having to put $5000 into it for a new engine or something. Say i did… in my way of thinking maybe the cost would be the same as buying new… but there is a good chance I wouldn’t have to so better strateg, and end up ahead. Would you agree on the thought Axel?

Even if you had to put more into a used van, I think you’ll still come out ahead compared to a new one. You have the money to get something really decent and have a mechanic go through it with a fine tooth comb before you buy. Even new ones break down - although most of the time it’s covered by warranties, you’re still without a home until it’s repaired. The lemons I’ve seen lately have been the Mercedes Sprinter type vans, so I would stay away from them. You have the money to get something with less than 20K miles. By the time it has 10K miles most of the bugs have probably been worked out, and you’re getting something pretty darn new without paying the new premium. $80K sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but you’ll be surprised how fast it goes.

Do you want luxury or to rough it? Why not an RV? I bought one of the major cargo vans new but I only added a bed, curtains, and a plastic shelf. Solar soon. I’m not making the walls and ceilings fancy.

I ended up with a used 2018 Mercedes Sprinter with 4k miles that was completely built out (solar, shower, toilet, closet, bed, two-burner stove, storage cabinets, lights, wifi, TV, fridge, sink, two seats + swivel table, etc.) for less than $70k on this website :

I’d DEFINITELY recommend buying used, but you can find something used with very light wear & tear and mileage, if that’s what you’re looking for!