48V Air Conditioner for RV

I’m looking at AC options compatible with the EcoFlow 5kWh Power Kit for my Mercedes camper conversion. I live in Florida so it’s important to maximize energy to power AC and other small items for a couple days off grid.

I was originally considering the Nomadic X3 48V but it’s on backorder. The alternative is the Coleman-Mach 10 13.5K 48v but I hate how high profile it is.

I noticed RecPro just came out with a 48V but there is little info on the internet. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on this unit?

Greetings & Welcome!

In my humble opinion, air conditioners are a poor choice for off grid use. Swamp coolers are not only much more energy efficient, but they’re more efficient at cooling a vehicle as well, because instead of trying to cool the interior air, which takes a lot of power, they replace the interior air with cooler air, which is not only a much quicker method, but much more energy efficient as well. Did I mention a whole lot cheaper too?

My swamp cooler kept me comfortable through many hot and frequently humid summers, and uses under 2a @ 12vdc. The only downside is that the portable units require filling them with water as needed. Mine was designed to sit on my front passenger seat, and vent out the the passenger side window.

The water reservoir in mine is about 5 gallons, which will last the better part of week. I live & work from inside my rig, and being comfortable is important to me.

For humid areas, you want the indirect type of swamp cooler that uses a radiator for the heat exchanger, so it doesn’t add moisture to the inside air. The indirect type will exhaust the moisture outside rather than into the living area.

A peltier powered heat pump is another option. They use up to 5a @ 12vdc, but have a thermostat so they’re not running 100% of the time. They will both heat and cool, and do not require refilling with water. Like with the swamp coolers, they can provide up to 40°F-50°F of cooling, with the added feature of a similar amount of heat for the winter.

In either case, you’ll probably need to DIY it, but they’re relatively simple to build.


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