Zenvanz kit stuff possibly for sale


Not sure if this is ok here.

I am renovating a van I bought in the fall.

Many of the things I’m changing are from a zenvanz kit build.

I would like to re-home as much as possible and make a little money back in the deal as well.

I will be selling the ceiling panels and side bamboo plywood panels. Also the kitchen base cabinet minus the stove and fridge. The sink and faucet can go with the cabinet. All the wall cabinets go too. image image

The camping toilet box is going too.

A full size very nice lightweight but comfy mattress will go too.

Is anyone interested? Zenvanz Schtick is that their stuff is drilled to fit in Sprinter 144” predrilled holes. No need to drill new holes into the van. Let me know if you’d like any of these components for your van build. They are all bamboo. I will price for a win win scenario if there’s interest.



I’d just move right into that one as-is.


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That’s a good idea if it’s possible. It will get you in your van sooner and make it easier to live in it as you remodel at your convenience. There’s always going to be someone willing to buy this kind of stuff. When you’re ready to sell, even if it’s now, just post a local ad on Craigslist. That way you’re not just limiting your market to van lifers.

Best wishes!


I have been in this one as is. I now know what I want in it and am selling what’s in there now that I don’t want. If anyone would like to buy the zenvanz kit parts that I’m selling let me know.


Hello. I just responded to your other post, just wondering if your kit is still available. Thx.


Yes. I’m out of town u til next weekend. Soonest I could show it to you is Sunday-Mother’s Day.

Let Me know if you want to see it.


Awesome. We’re interested! I have some more questions, can we email and/or talk? Our email is rickandannablack at gmail.


Fyi, this site wouldn’t let me enter our email in the proper format.