Would anyone want "real" house for temp living?


I have a house sitting deep in the middle of nowhere in very remote Oregon and was just wondering if there are any people here who would be seeking a sort of hybrid living situation?

I feel like the area I’m in surrounded by beautiful BLM / public lands is a place that might appeal to van dwellers seeking solitude in nature, as well as a great winter place. Cold, but dry desert conditions that I found favorable to heavy rain/snow zones.

Anyway, I’d love to have s subletter who either (a) wants to get into a more formal “house” (it’s a manufactured home) for the winter or (b) wants to kind of do both, with a homebase but also the land and freedom to head out anywhere and camp / live.

Hit me up if interested! This is in the Steens Mountain / Alvord Desert region of Oregon just slightly above the Nevada border.


Greetings & Welcome!

Good Luck & keep us posted!

Classified ads may be an option too…


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Hi. I’m not sure if this is the solution we’re looking for but I would like to explore it. We need to find a land base to support a vanlife related business as well as a few projects.