Working online? help please

AS Ive researched this lifestyle Ive come to the conclusion that my present job is not really going to be very beneficial in the long run.

I’m a London Despatch rider (motorcycle) and although I love it I can see it becoming a problem if I decide to live in a van.
I’m also a photographer I do weddings and I’m currently looking at having my website redone and getting my SEO sorted.

I would also like to explore other possibilities for generating income, does anyone have any suggestions, My transition period looks as if it might be 2/3 years so I have ample time to set something up in the way of training etc . .
Im good at editing - photographs and video (I do all my own) so possibly advertising on fiverr or upwork is something Im thinking about, but maybe there is something Im overlooking that might be just as viable?

I have no pension coming (dont ask its complicated)

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A friend of mine works with real estate agents, taking pictures of the houses they’re selling to put in their brochures & on their websites.

I do remote computer tune-ups & repairs, so I can work from my van anywhere I have an internet connection.

I also have friends who run membership style websites where people pay them by the month for access. Once established, it’s pretty much a hands free business.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller

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i think upwork and fiverr are good for online jobs trials!
do remember u have to give a low pricing first to get reviews before slowing increasing your price to get your ideal customers.