Workbench help required please UK


Just looking around for a decent workbench here in the UK I thought this would be cut and dried but as usual all the flimsy tat from China seems to be everywhere

anyone got any recommendations please!

many thanks


I tend to just build my own quick and dirty ones, if it’s temporary I just use saw horses and a sheet of 3/4" plywood, or a flat door. My saw horses are usually 2 feet wide, so I use 2 at each end, and an additional 2 in the middle. Very sturdy that way.

If permanent, I use 3/4" plywood or barn boards for the top, a 2x4 on edge all around underneath the top, and a matching set for the base. Then I use 4x4’s for the legs, or double up 2x4’s. The legs go on the inside of the frame. Normally, this should be pretty stable, but if not, you can add an X of 1x2’s on the sides and back.

If you want to get fancy, you can then add adjustable shelves & drawers, and even cabinet doors on the front.


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Youtube has some good ideas, i just borrowed from a few of them to build a bench. If you build one remember to leave a small overhang to clamp to.

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