Work trips in a Van?

Hi all,

I am curious to know if anyone uses their vans as mobile offices for short trips (as an alternative to flights, hotels)? If so, what are your set ups that make this work?


I work extensively from the road. Basically have a built in fold up desk that I swivel my drivers seat to if I feel like using a desk. For the most part though it’s just my macbook, tmobile and iphone as a hotspot and some preplanning to ensure I have service.

This is actually a difficult question to nail down. I need the the internet to push a little code, check email and have maybe 15 minute video conference every other day. So I don’t need a lot, just cell signal and I still chew up ~25GB of hotspot a month. The amount of data you pull is definitely going to determine what you use and where you can go.

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I work for myself from my van. I have a swivel rocker recliner behind the front seats for lounging or working from. A wooden TV tray is my desk or dining room table. It can be positioned between the front seats, between the swivel passenger seat and my recliner, or my recliner & the TV tray can face any direction I desire. I work online, so I can work from anywhere I have internet.


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