Word trip logistics

Hello all,

My wife and I are a few years out from a worldwide trip and I am looking for any practical advice on logistics planning. How much to nail down, how much to leave loose, Visas, etc, etc, etc. I’ve never worked on logistics of this scale and would love any advice, books, articles, or videos on this or anything else that I haven’t yet thought of.

There a lot of motorcyclists who do global trips like that, along with all the issues of getting vehicles in and out of countries etc. May want to look at some of their blogs and books. I wouldn’t plan too far into the future, as well laid plans tend to fall apart at first contact. Be detail-oriented in terms of visas and other such requirements, but also be extremely flexible and tolerant of when things don’t go your way. Sometimes those are the most memorable moments (in a good way). Be cognizant of local situations and the geopolitical climate where you’re going. In most cases it doesn’t make much difference as people are people wherever you go, but when dealing with officialdom it may make a difference.

The CIA World Factbook website is a good resource to figure out what a country is like and their history, at least from the American perspective.

Wow thank you! Lots of good info there. The goal as of now is to structure a basic outline of how we want to go but leave the day to day details of how we get there more in the moment. Im really trying to figure out all the things I dont know that I should be looking for! Great advice!

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