Wood for wallcovering

Hi everyone,
Question regarding the walls of my van.
Which wood did you find the best to use for wall covering.
Concerned about toxicity and mold.
Thanks so much for your advice.
Safe travels.

Hi @animallady I used 9mm water proof and boil proof plywood for my bulkhead construction which I stained with a wax based wood-stain on areas that are hidden from view…and painted with water based paint (three coats of primer/undercoat with the first coat thinned with water to ensure good adhesion to the wood, and finished with one coat of gloss).

I even painted, or stained the end grain to minimise moisture ingress to the wood.

While this may not necessarily be the lightest material available, it was the most abundant available to me at the time of my build.

I would add that with sufficient framing to support it, it is very strong.

The best advice I could give here is…


It is probably a good idea, if you aren’t too far into your conversion, to make sure you have planned for a good flow of air that comes in through the bottom of the van and exits from the top.

If you are able to install some kind of passive venting in the floor to ensure there is an adequate airflow, the chances of mold and mildew will be greatly reduced.

I hope this helps.

Absolutely. Super info, thank you so much. Really appreciate it.
Save travels.
Blessings and health.

Hey Animallady.

There are several non-toxic plywoods available, one readily available is Pure Bond products which you can procure at Home depot, There are also sealants which will seal in any formaldehyde or other VOC’s that could leach out. I found this article which may help on healthyhouseontheblock.

I am using lumber milled down to 3/8 of an inch which has no glue or internal chemicals on my build.

Good luck.

Hi Vintagemale,
Thank you very much for the info. Really appreciate it.
What is the lumber called that you are using?
Safe and wonderful travels.

I think plywood or MDF can fit you.