Wonderlust... young marrieds, broke, passion for adventure

Hey guys!! My name is Brandi, and im so thankful for this forum and community! Im learning so much!!

My husband and I have a goal to be debt free and own our own live in van with in 5 years! Our apartment rental is up in Nov but we need to have a plan by August. We started looking at another complex, but then it hit me about renting a van!! We would love to get more information on this from you!! What advice do you have?? Would it be possible to rent for a year at a time? We want to get on a van asap!! But we currently have a few medical bills and high rent atm. So we cant buy anything outright… what would you advise for a couple that has no money, really big goals, and a passion and hunger for adventure


Thank you so much,

Andrew and Brandi Johnson


Now is the time of your life to work your butts off to build a future, and learn how to make enough money to support your dreams later. If you were both working 80+ hours a week each like you should be, you wouldn’t be broke. If that 80+ hours per week takes multiple jobs, then that’s what you need to be doing. The road to success is paved with long hours, hard work, and lot’s of sweat and sacrifice. There are no legal or honest shortcuts short of being born into money or winning the lottery.

Spend every moment of your free time creating a mobile friendly income. Once the income from it far exceeds your regular jobs, then you can consider hitting the road for adventures, and with enough money, you’ll actually be able to enjoy them.

At many rallies, a fellow who goes by “Off Grid” teaches many people how to make big money both online and offline working for themselves. He was one of my mentors. From money, to vehicles, to systems, he’s the real deal.


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Hi guys! :smile: Sounds like a good dream and plan! Before we left, we AirBnB’d our apartment in Amsterdam for 60 days (we where lucky with that :four_leaf_clover: :blush: ) but also worked our asses of. An quick way to make money is to go to Switzerland. Don’t know if you speak (Swiss) German or French? They are always looking for people in the Hospitality business. So if you like to work in a hotel, restaurant or bar… You’re salary there is much higher, work 6 days a week so you don’t spend anything and in three/four months you’ll have a nice buffer :crossed_fingers:t3: :muscle:t4:. Good luck! :kissing_heart: