Wiring for shore power only

I’m building a can into a camper, duh. Just wanting to get it so that I can pull up and plug in to power at the moment, but all the parks are mostly 30 amps in my area. I know it’s not safe to create a plug and plug my regular house would units into it, but I don’t know what I need to do to break down the power. Don’t have money for batteries and all that right now, just needing power to cool off when I park in the evenings. Trying to run a portable AC and two fans. The AC has 1750 watt draw during operation and each fan pulls about 100 watts.

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You can get adapters to convert park power to a regular extension cord, then run it through a window or door, and connect an outlet strip to it.

That’s a very high draw a/c, so you’re going to need an extra heavy duty extension cord to handle it.


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